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Holiday cottage and Shepherd's hut in the Welsh Borders

Shepherd's Hut and Cottage, self catering accommodation in the Welsh Boarders, Mid Wales



Badger footprints and signs

Badgers are elusive, beautiful animals and we are delighted that their regular night-time adventures bring them here! It can be quite difficult to see them because if they smell your scent they are likely to head in a different direction (oh and it will be pitch black!).  Another way of enjoying their close proximity without having to stay up all night is to find signs of their presence...  

 Image from the Badger Conservation group

Image from the Badger Conservation group

Here are the signs to look out for when you come to stay:

1. Badger fur - caught on fencing above the badger paths (you can tell it's from a badger as it will be black and white and feel rough and square when rolled between the finger tips).


2. Footprints - up to 65mm across, 5 toes with long claws on the fore foot (badgers don't retract their claws so you always see them in the print). When walking, a badger will often place its back foot where its front foot has been, meaning that prints can be smudged.


3. Latrines - badgers are tidy animals and they dig shallow pits called latrines in which to deposit their droppings.

4. Snuffle holes - badgers dig for worms and you will see round or oval holes in the turf, a few centimeters deep.

5. Pathways - particularly when the grass is long, look out for tracks winding across the meadow. Badgers are creatures of habit, and will follow the same route night after night (and even generation after generation). 

When you come to stay, let us know if you want us to point out some tracks. We have caught the badgers on a night time camera and, when we figure out how, we will post the footage on this blog!