Wild Meadow

Shepherd's hut and Eco-cottage accommodation in the Welsh Borders

Shepherd's Hut and Eco-cottage accommodation in the Welsh Boarders 



beautiful butterflies

The butterflies are in full swing here at the moment. So far I have seen Commas, Peacocks, Whites, Skippers, Meadow Browns and today for the fist time I spotted some lovely Common Blues. The Blues were so nippy I didn't manage to get a good photo but this laid back Peacock was very accommodating!


Spent a lovely evening watching the sunset with the ox-eye daisies swaying in the breeze... 
Well actually I was rushing around manically setting up for the next guests but the view always makes me pause, take a deep breath and relax...


Bookings this winter have exceeded all expectations. The hut is fully insulated with a lovely log burner. Guests are commenting how snug it is. We have planted some more trees to keep up with future fuel demand!

Gardens everywhere..

This area is sprinkled with fantastic gardens to visit so on my birthday mum and I headed over to Hampton Court Castle and Gardens - half an hour across the boarder into Herefordshire. It was simply stunning. We wandered through the Victorian walled garden divided by canals and avenues, crossed the lawns and strolled the riverside walk, got lost in the maze of 1000 yews, discovered the sunken garden and topped it off with a lovely lunch at the restaurant. 
Highly recommended for anyone into nature, gardens and scrumptious cake...

gardens to visit