Wild Meadow

Holiday cottage and Shepherd's hut in the Welsh Borders

Shepherd's Hut and Cottage, self catering accommodation in the Welsh Boarders, Mid Wales



Badger footprints and signs

Badgers are elusive animals. Even though it can be quite difficult to see one wandering around, spotting the signs of their presence is a lovely way of enjoying their close proximity without having to stay up all night :)  

Here are the signs to look out for when you come to stay:

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beautiful butterflies

The butterflies are in full swing here at the moment. So far I have seen Commas, Peacocks, Whites, Skippers, Meadow Browns and today for the fist time I spotted some lovely Common Blues. The Blues were so nippy I didn't manage to get a good photo but this laid back Peacock was very accommodating!

butterfly on yellow flowers


Spent a lovely evening watching the sunset with the ox-eye daisies swaying in the breeze... 
Well actually I was rushing around manically setting up for the next guests but the view always makes me pause, take a deep breath and relax...

outdoor table with vase of flowers at sunset

two in the nest

Delighted to find this lovely nest in the wood store - just a few meters away from the Shepherd's Hut. We think they may be blackbird eggs...

two bright blue blackbird eggs in a nest


Bookings this winter have exceeded all expectations. The hut is fully insulated with a lovely log burner. Guests are commenting how snug it is. We have planted some more trees to keep up with future fuel demand!

crochet blanket with tea pot and wood burner